Snub Training – Ayoob's StressFire reload

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  There are two schools of thought on optimizing a revolver reload with the loading strip. The first is from master firearms trainer Massad Ayoob.  1 – Fill your loading strip with five rounds while keeping the holding hole closest to the loading strip’s flange tab empty. 2 – Hold your open and unloaded revolver in […]

Snub Training – Speedloader tips

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As noted in the section on Stocks not all speedloaders work with common “combat” stocks.  Please thoroughly test your current speedloaders with your stocks both with and without gloves before you bet you life on them. SPEEDLOADER SKILLS These are a few speedloader tips worth passing along.  The first comes from Ed Lovette in his […]

Snub Training – Five Sight Pictures

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Few topics in the field of gun handling are as contentious as the subject of sight picture.  Every possible sight picture style seems to have its advocates and all are willing to point to specific facts to prove the superiority of their method over all others.  These include advocates for the classic or traditional sight […]