Snub Training – Left hand reloading video

Posted · Add Comment’s left hand reloading method.   Earlier today  I added several note to the right hand shooter’s video and will make some notes on the above video within the next few days. Two items worth noting now: First – An excellent video of a very quick left hand shooter’s revolver reloading method is available from […]

Right Hand Reload Video

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Michael on YouTube demonstrating the right hand reload. There are a few items of note regarding the technique that may be worth pointing out. 1 – The thumb goes behind the hammer before the trigger finger goes on the frame for two reasons. First – Most shooters find they can retain a firmer three-finger grip […]

Snub Training – Speedloaders

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There are by my count six currently available speed loader styles.  These are, in alphabetical order: Buffer Technologies’ Jet Loaders, H.K.S. speedloaders, Maxfire speedloaders, Safariland’s Comp I, II and III speedloaders, and SL Variant speedloaders.  Gunsmith and gun writer Grant Cunningham has written on his gun topic blog that he has seen several guns whose […]