Snub Training – Ayoob's StressFire reload

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  There are two schools of thought on optimizing a revolver reload with the loading strip. The first is from master firearms trainer Massad Ayoob.  1 – Fill your loading strip with five rounds while keeping the holding hole closest to the loading strip’s flange tab empty. 2 – Hold your open and unloaded revolver in […]

Snub Training – Speed Strips and QuickStrips

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Note – Before making any observations regarding the two brands of loading strips I need to point out that I am currently aiding TUFF Products with some of their QuickStrip marketing efforts. I also edited the directions used to explain two loading techniques used in their packaging and wrote the ten loading techniques noted on […]

Snub Training – Quick Strip techniques

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Dear Michael Do Quick Strip loading strips have an enclosed metal backbone like the original Bianchi speed strips did? Without metal backbone my experience has been that when you put two rounds in the cylinder and twist the two rounds in the cylinder stay attached to the strip and the third round falls free. This […]