SnubTraining (2012) – Laser Stocks

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Laser stocks are one of those rare firearm accessories that offer both self-defense and training advantages with almost no subsequent disadvantages. A few of the laser stock’s benefits include:  1.   A laser is an exceptional tool for safely evaluating any possible “lasering” risks. It is ideal when testing various draw strokes or evaluating a new […]

Snub Training – Snubs and Women

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I was asked to submit three items on snub skills for a handgun text due out next year. My submissions included; the snub as primary weapon, the snub as back-up gun, and the snub as a women’s weapon. The section on women and snubs is listed below. Snubs for Women  Offering “women specific” shooting advice […]

Snub Training – A few reader Q’s

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Michael: I have a couple of questions about your suggested “first revolver” EDC: 1. Why a Hip-grip instead of a holster for your primary gun? 2. Why do you recommend wearing the heavier gun on the ankle instead of on the belt? [Side question: Do you have problems with the ankle holster sliding down your […]

Snub Training – First snub advice

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Hi Michael, I have limited experience with a revolver. My shooting skills are probably intermediate at this point, but beginner for a revolver. I have a few questions if you don’t mind. • What snub revolver do you recommend? • Any downside to “hammerless” revolvers? • I am left handed, do I have other issues […]

Snub Training – Laser stocks

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Laser stocks are one of those rare self-defense tools that offer multiple advantages with almost no corresponding down sides.  There are some practical and training benefits that a laser equipped snub can be put to.  These include: 1.  A laser is a useful tool for safely evaluating the “lasering” risk when practicing an alternative draw […]