SNub Training (2012) – The Chief Special

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  The D-frame Colt may have the older pedigree but it was the exposed hammer Chief Special that truly set the snub apart as a unique self-defense tool. When you pick up a classic Chief Special you are shaking hands with a tool that has and continues to protect everyone from business men to shop […]

Snub Training (2012) – Smith & Wesson J-frames

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Since its first introduction in 1950 the ubiquitous J-frame has been produced in a staggering variety of variations and models. An entire book could (and probably should) be devoted solely to the subject. Despite the fact that the J-frame’s diminutive size makes it a less than a perfect fit for an adult sized man’s hand, […]

Snub Training – Snubs and Women

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I was asked to submit three items on snub skills for a handgun text due out next year. My submissions included; the snub as primary weapon, the snub as back-up gun, and the snub as a women’s weapon. The section on women and snubs is listed below. Snubs for Women  Offering “women specific” shooting advice […]

Snub Training – The .327

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Michael: Can you give me your opinion of the .327 Federal Magnum in the 3″ J-frame?      Yours, Mike from NC Dear Mike: Thank you for the questions. First off anytime I can advocate for the 3-inch J-fame I will. Love the gun! Re the .327… On “paper” I love the idea of a 6-round J-frame […]

Snub Training – S&W's plastic J-frame

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A local Sheriff’s Deputy asked me about the new Smith and Wesson .38 “Bodyguard” handguns. I did a little light inquiry and here is what I have so far. The few available demo guns were fitted together in time for the SHOT show. As a result there is only a limited number of folks to speak with who […]

Snub Training – Spent brass Q

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Hi Michael, Q 1 – I have been studying your strong hand reloading technique (I am right handed), which I believe is a major contribution to swift and effective reloading. However, I have a question. When bringing the pistol up to perform the ejection, how do you avoid having hot spent shell casings fall into […]

Snub Training – First snub advice

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Hi Michael, I have limited experience with a revolver. My shooting skills are probably intermediate at this point, but beginner for a revolver. I have a few questions if you don’t mind. • What snub revolver do you recommend? • Any downside to “hammerless” revolvers? • I am left handed, do I have other issues […]

Snub Training – Left hand reloading video

Posted · Add Comment’s left hand reloading method.   Earlier today  I added several note to the right hand shooter’s video and will make some notes on the above video within the next few days. Two items worth noting now: First – An excellent video of a very quick left hand shooter’s revolver reloading method is available from […]