Snub Training (2012) – Secret service Stocks

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If there is any criticism of Spegel’s Boot Grips it is that they are rarely available for anything other than Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers. That leaves the many Ruger, Taurus and Charter Arms shooters having to do without. Fortunately there are Eagle Grips’ Secret service stocks to the rescue. (It is reported that […]

Snub Training – Regular Style Stocks

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Eagle Grip’s Regular Style stocks may also worth noting. The Regular Style stocks closely copy the classic or service style stocks commonly associated with the archetypal small snub revolver.  Regular Style stocks follow the contour of the frame without covering any of the front strap, butt or backstrap area. Their single greatest advantage is evident […]

Snub Training – Secret Service Stocks

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Eagle Grips’ Secret Service stocks are the only alternative to Spegel’s Boot Grip. Like Spegel Boot Grip stocks, Eagle Grips’ stocks fill in the space behind the revolver’s trigger guard while leaving the backstrap and butt exposed. This design gives the shooter an optimum grip on the weapon without compromising concealability. Eagle Grips recently improved […]