Snup Training – Bobbed hammers and DAO

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  Michael, Can you tell me anything about hammer functionality if I were to cut off the thumb tang to create a snag free hammer? I would lose single action capability but that’s okay as I would only fire in double action. Thanks, Mark K Dear Mark K:   Thank you for the great questions. […]

Snub Training – DAO vs. Negligent Discharge

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Under stress gross physical strength is elevated and fine motor coordination deteriorates. A revolver cocked to single action is easier to discharge both deliberately and unintentionally.  Too many shooters dismiss this risk of an unintentional discharge because they know enough to never cock a self-defense revolver.  Unfortunately even well educated shooters do odd things under […]

Snub Training – Double Action Only

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There are four reasons for rendering the self-defense snub double action only: 1 – To remove the ability of the shooter to unintentionally cock the hammer 2 – To remove the ability of the shooter to deliberately cock the hammer 3 – To weaken the charge from the criminal trial’s prosecutor that the self-defense shot […]