Snub Training – Snubs and Women

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I was asked to submit three items on snub skills for a handgun text due out next year. My submissions included; the snub as primary weapon, the snub as back-up gun, and the snub as a women’s weapon. The section on women and snubs is listed below. Snubs for Women  Offering “women specific” shooting advice […]

Snub Training – A few reader Q’s

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Michael: I have a couple of questions about your suggested “first revolver” EDC: 1. Why a Hip-grip instead of a holster for your primary gun? 2. Why do you recommend wearing the heavier gun on the ankle instead of on the belt? [Side question: Do you have problems with the ankle holster sliding down your […]

Snub Training – My ideal snub

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This question comes up often so I though I might share with you my thoughts.   If I had to pick a first snub to recommend I would go with a lock-free, Airweight S&W Bodyguard and render it double-action only. If I couldn’t find a Airweight Bodyguard I would try to hunt up an Airweight Chief Special, render […]

Snub Training – Crimson Trace

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Crimson Trace offers the widest selection of laser stocks for snub revolvers.  Their laser stocks are built of polymer, rubber or a combination of both while their laser emitter is positioned under the revolver’s cylinder on the right side stock panel.  The activation switch is located under the revolver’s trigger guard generally midway up the […]

Snub Training – Laser stocks

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Laser stocks are one of those rare self-defense tools that offer multiple advantages with almost no corresponding down sides.  There are some practical and training benefits that a laser equipped snub can be put to.  These include: 1.  A laser is a useful tool for safely evaluating the “lasering” risk when practicing an alternative draw […]