Snub Training – First snub advice

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Hi Michael, I have limited experience with a revolver. My shooting skills are probably intermediate at this point, but beginner for a revolver. I have a few questions if you don’t mind. • What snub revolver do you recommend? • Any downside to “hammerless” revolvers? • I am left handed, do I have other issues […]

Snub Training – My ideal snub

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This question comes up often so I though I might share with you my thoughts.   If I had to pick a first snub to recommend I would go with a lock-free, Airweight S&W Bodyguard and render it double-action only. If I couldn’t find a Airweight Bodyguard I would try to hunt up an Airweight Chief Special, render […]

Snub Training – Boot Grips

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The best of the breed is the unmatched Craig Spegel “Boot Grip.” The Boot Grip is designed to fill in the space between the frame’s front strap and the rear of the trigger guard while covering neither the backstrap nor the butt. Spegel’s Boot Grip offers enough material to optimize a shooter’s grip without any […]