Snub Training (2012) – Centennial

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The Centennial’s snag free styling along with its fully encased DAO hammer design are two of its most popular selling points. Many fans of the Centennial also like to point out that the Centennial’s unusual “Quasimodo” humpback frame shape lends itself to an extremely high grasp on the backstrap for maximum recoil control. While theoretically true […]

Snub Training – S&W's plastic J-frame

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A local Sheriff’s Deputy asked me about the new Smith and Wesson .38 “Bodyguard” handguns. I did a little light inquiry and here is what I have so far. The few available demo guns were fitted together in time for the SHOT show. As a result there is only a limited number of folks to speak with who […]

Snub Training – First snub advice

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Hi Michael, I have limited experience with a revolver. My shooting skills are probably intermediate at this point, but beginner for a revolver. I have a few questions if you don’t mind. • What snub revolver do you recommend? • Any downside to “hammerless” revolvers? • I am left handed, do I have other issues […]

Snub Training – My ideal snub

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This question comes up often so I though I might share with you my thoughts.   If I had to pick a first snub to recommend I would go with a lock-free, Airweight S&W Bodyguard and render it double-action only. If I couldn’t find a Airweight Bodyguard I would try to hunt up an Airweight Chief Special, render […]

Snub Training – Shrouded hammers

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Among the popular gun writers and trainers I have surveyed the completely enclosed hammer a.k.a. “hammerless” snub (Centennial et al) is currently more popular than either traditional hammer models or shrouded hammer (Bodyguard et al) models.  After years of working with all three typed I believe that the actual self-defense advantage goes to the shrouded hammer snub.  […]

Snub Training – S&W's Centennial

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Often misidentified as hammerless, the Centennial is the designation for the frame-concealing encloses-hammer Smith and Wesson snubs. Introduced in 1952 as the Model 40 and named in honor of the company’s centennial the Centennial features a unique “Quasimodo” style humped back frame and back strap. This frame shape completely encloses and conceals an internal hammer […]