Snub Training – Ultra Lightweight Alloys

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I am under impressed with the popular ultra-lightweight titanium and scandium snubs.  They may be a joy to carry but they suffer several disadvantages as self-defense weapons.  First, responsible gun carrying requires competence and a simple measure of competence is range qualification.  A basic qualification score against a standardized range exam can be extremely challenging […]

Snub Training – Assuring Ammunition Reliability

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The first requirement for any ammunition carried for self-defense is that it must be reliable.  Only after you have determined to your complete satisfaction that the ammunition is reliable enough to bet your life on can any other item be considered. An article by Patrick Sweeny in a 2007 issue of Guns & Ammo demonstrates […]

Snub Training – Ammunition

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Nearly every snub owner wants to know what the best possible self-defense ammunition is for his snub.  While it is an important question, determining the correct answer is challenging. Every month one shooting magazine or another reports on a new development in snub related self-defense ammunition.  Consequently, with these ever evolving innovations any advice offered […]