Snub Training – Loading Strip Test Invitation

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Should you be within striking distance of eastern Massachusetts on Saturday, June 23, 2017 from 10 am until 1 pm and wish to participate in a loading strip speed loading experiment for pending publication, send me an e-mail. I will be supplying the required ammunition, snub revolves, as well as the loading strips. Lunch will […]

2017 Force on Force schedule update

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The last several years we have been cutting and milling several of our guns to fire only UTM force-on-force (FoF) rounds. With over a dozen snubs now on hand we went looking for Massachusetts ranges willing to host the FoF programs. To date we have six ranges on tap across the state. If all goes well we […]

Snub Training – Hammer Shroud Alternative

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For years I have been advocating hammer shrouds for snub revolvers. Whether built into the frame like the S&W Bodyguard or attached to the snub like the Waller and Son shroud for Colt D-frame revolvers. But shrouds are not to everyone’s liking. Well earlier this week Rob Lyman of LEO Combat was kind enough to […]

Snub Training – Weapon Disarming

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A fellow officer contacted me this week regarding gun grab / officer assault statistics. I have started putting together an info pack including copies of gun grab incidents and copies of a few classics weapon retention/disarming handouts. If anyone has any additional statistics or incidents of gun grabs that turn into actual and/or attempted officer […] – BobMacs SSO holster

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For too many months now I have noticed a serious up-tick in shooters coming to the snub classes wearing either BobMacs’ MCS or SSO holsters. This despite my continuing advocacy for the DB-1. I have an early SSO from BobMac but I never gave it a fair shake. Why should I? I had very serviceable […]

A note for the Range

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Every time I return from the range I add a few notes to my range log. Generally half the notes record what went wrong and the other half note what items I should have brought that would have mitigated the  “what went wrong” list. I rarely take the time to acknowledge the dozen or so […]