Snub Training (2013) – Removing the Hammer Spur

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There are any number of gunsmiths who will remind you that when you remove the revolver’s hammer spur you also reduce the hammer’s overall mass. And when you reduce the hammer’s mass you reduce the total striking force produced when the hammer falls. This they warn us can lead to unreliable primer ignition. There are [...]

Snub Training (2012) – Basic Snub Customizing

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Like many other mass produced products handguns in general and snub revolvers in particular are designed to be all things to all possible owners.  No manufacture can know which individual gun he produces will be used by the buyer as a sportsmen’s kit gun, a target shooter’s range training tool, an armed citizen’s deep concealment [...]

Snub Training (2012) – A few notes

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  I am currently revisiting on an old idea for turning the easily acquired Bianchi 3S inside-the-waist-band holster into a practical snub holster with the addition of only a dollar’s worth of Kydex. To paraphrase a line from my friends at JS …Holsters ( “It’s won’t be pretty but it will work.” On a slightly [...]

Snub Training (2012) – Winter Training Tip

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Training Tip – I friend of mine just e-mailed me asking for some low tech training tips he can use when it is too cold to get to the range.  My recommendations were to practice the South Nark style ECQC Draw Strokes and practice “Getting off the X.” If you are home alone and have [...]

Snub Training (2012) Matt DelFatti Holsters

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Over the years I have bought a number of snub holsters from some well-known holster makers. Of them only a tiny minority produce products that display the perfect combination of workmanship, designed and functionality. One of the few is Matt Del Fatti. Del Fatti’s holsters are an exemplar of a master holster maker’s craft. The [...]

Snub Training (2012) – JS Holsters

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While on a hunt for a practical inside-the-waist band (IWB) holster I lucked upon the JS Holster web site. While not normally a fan of Kydex I was taken with the practical design of their Zulu-7 holster. After a review of their web site material I made a phone call to Jason Sharf, the sales [...]