Secrets of the Concealed Carry Snub*

Mr. de Bethencourt has decades of experience with the snub-nose revolvers to share. He offers a lively and informative program and will challenge your thinking on these under-rated little guns. – Ralph Mroz, Nationally known firearms writer and Training Director for the Police Officers Safety Association

As profiled in Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Woman and Guns and S.W.A.T. magazine.’s Secrets of the Concealed Carry Snub* presents shooting methods and manipulations unique to the short-barreled revolver. Class topics include:

  • Twenty five conceal carry snub advantages
  • Top gunsmithing recommendations
  • Grip and grip strengthening tools
  • Best self-defense snub stocks
  • Street proven snub ammunition
  • Snub concealment holsters
  • Draw strokes and grip mechanics
  • Forgotten sight picture alternatives
  • Perfecting trigger contact and dry fire mechanics
  • Forgotten snub manual-of-arms
  • FBI style loose round reloading tips
  • Automatic cylinder indexing
  • Speed strip loading tactics (Strips supplied)
  • Speed loader loading tactics (Loaders supplied)
  • Speeding shooting drills and speed reloading drills
  • Contact shooting methods
  • Coat pocket shooting drills
  • Extreme distance snub shooting skills
  • Stanford gunfight mindset challenge
  • Primer only propelled (POP) training tools and custom cleaning kits

Equipment List:

• Snub revolver

(3-inch barrel or shorter – any .38 or .357 caliber)

• Second snub

(Optional – but strongly encouraged)

• Quality holster and belt

(Holster remains open following draw stroke)

• Eye and ear protection

• A baseball-style cap with a bill

• Ammunition

(Each student will be required to bring 100 rounds of .38 ammunition.

• Lunch and snacks

(Lunch is a working lunch)

• Bottled water


• Three ring notebook and pen

• A disposable pair of pants

(Cast-offs only – Chinos only please)

• One-quart zip lock bag



$185.00 per student

To register, telephone Michael de Bethencourt at 978-667-5591, e-mail or mail in your application along with a $85.00 tuition deposit to, 7 Mohawk Drive, Acton, MA 01720

*The class is ideal for any level shooter but shooters must have an understanding of fundamental gun safety as well as the revolver’s basic operation. Standard shooting safety equipment is required. This class has no prerequisite.