Recommended Training and Practice Aids


S. T. Action Pro
– My
favorite training “dummy” rounds comes from S. T. Action Pro. Their bright orange noses and chrome plated brass cases give them a unequaled value in safety and durability. Read my full review of the S. T. Action Pro training rounds.

Precision Gun Specialties’ Saf-T Trainer dummy rounds are available in safety orange or
mustard yellow. While neither as versatile nor as robust S. T. Action Pro’s dummy rounds they do have one important feature. Their
blaze orange or mustard colored rims will clearly distinguish them as dummy rounds when they are sitting inside a closed revolver
cylinder. I use all Saf-T Trainers for all my dry fire practice.


There are several .38 Primer Only Propelled (POP) training round conversion kits. Some use wax bullets, some use rubber bullets and some use
plastic bullets with plastic cases. All are primer only driven rounds. My absolute all time favorite is Convert-A-Pell’s .177 caliber conversion kit for the .38. I shoot with
these nearly daily and when ordered with the custom round-nose ojive (ask about them directly) you can use all your regular speedloaders and Speed
Strip training tools.

  • C & R wax bullets for POP training rounds
  • Saf-T-Shot 2-piece plastic POP rounds
  • Speer 2-piece plastic POP rounds
  • X-Ring rubber bullets of POP training rounds

BACKSTOPS – Safe Direction Academy Pad

The Safe Direction Academy Pad is indispensable for safe dry fire training. I hang one in my training room when practicing draw strokes and dry fire exercises and I have one with me at every training class for a safe backstop for
clearing weapons before classes.

DUMMY GUNS – Inert Training Snubs

Odin Press produces cast-aluminum training guns and knives for law enforcement defensive tactics training. Their aluminum training guns are
two-thirds the weight of real guns, which allows you to identify with the weight and feel of a real gun on your hip and in your hand when
practicing retention and disarming tactics. Their address is:


4948 Westwood Rd.

Kansas City, MO 64112

800-445-0857 or 816-531-2447

RINGS Manufacturing produces distinctive blue plastic training guns and knives for law enforcement,
defensive tactics training and the movie industry. Their training guns are about one-thirds the weight of real guns which makes them easy to
transport. The plastic RINGS uses has slightly more “give” than other replica training guns, but are near perfect dimensional copies
— if your real gun fits in the holster then RINGS copy will fit as well. RINGS address is:

Ring’s Manufacturing

99 East Drive

Melbourne Florida 32904.



Chris “Norm” Thompson, chief designer and owner of Norm’s Training Blades is producing all the new aluminum training knives we use in our 4-hour folding knife workshop and our 8-hour folding knife/counter knife course. When I went looking for a training knife maker who would work with the unusual requests that usually accompany all my training tools ideas, all the arrows pointed to Chris. He has great prices, a creative mind, knowledge of the required materials and a solid streak of integrity.


Traveling to various shooting ranges I often find a wide selection of shooting stands, not all of them ideal for our snub training courses. The
folding stands I now bring with me were designed and built by Michael Nastek of NE Shooters. If you are looking for a well built and portable shooting stand you won’t do better than these.