Recommended Parts and Accessories


For ammunition in my alloy framed snubs I prefer to use wad cutters for all the reasons outlined by Jim Cirillo. Of the available brands I prefer to use Buffalo Bore 150-gr standard pressure wad cutter ammunition. The rounds are wonderfully accurate, low muzzle flash and standard pressures.

For reloading my snubs I prefer to use a semi-jacketed hollow point. The ojive of a semi-jacketed round tends to optimize reloading speed. Since I have never found a brand of hollow point ammunition that will reliably deform when fired out of a short barreled revolver, I tend to rely on a round that is accurate as well as one that features a low muzzle flash. Currently I am using Buffalo Bore 125-gr standard pressure .38 ammunition.

Read my blog posts on ammunition.


My personally designed horizontal-carry flashlight carrier and pepper spray carrier is available from J.S. Holsters. (Yes – That’s my staple gun holster design too – Shameless plug).


BK Grip Adapter Ivory K frameAs of late, Tyler T grip adapter order taking and/or shipments and has been reported as “spotty.” I have every hope that the folks at Tyler will clear up the issue soon. But what if you need an adapter now? A short time ago a student put me in touch with Kip at BK Grips. Kip cast his own in-house resin grip adapter. They are every bit as practical as either the Tyler adapters or the old Pachmayr adapters, are available in a variety of colors and (!) are available with either the classis single clip flange or with a pair of attachment flanges. I have a set of two flange BK Grips on one of my square butt K-frame m12 snubs and I love it.


Captains of Crush GrippersIron Mind’s Captains of Crush full-size gripper. Read my full review of the Captains of Crush full-size grippers. Iron Mind’s IMTUG half-size gripper. Read my review of these half-size grippers. Grip Pro Trainer’s GripPro forearm and finger “ring” gripper


Recently, received a large supply of Waller and Son produced hammer shrouds for the Smith and Wesson J-frame, Colt D-frame, Ruger SP-101 and a few small frame Taurus and Rossi models. Those interested in purchasing a hammer shroud can contact us at



Alessi Holster Company – My favorite daily carry ankle holster comes from Lou Alessi. Though Lou passed away some time ago, Tom and the Alessi continue to produce the Alessi classic designs. Of the lot the Alessi ankle holster is my favorite. It is the most comfortable and secure ankle holster I have come across. Alessi’s new address is: Alessi Holster Company 247 Cayuga Road Cheektowaga, NY 14225 716-932-7497 Read my review of the Alessi Ankle Holsters.


My favorite self-defense holsters come from BobMacs owner, Bobby McEachern, is a custom holster maker who is focused on snub revolver holsters and spare ammunition carriers. He is working daily with the best known self-defense snub instructors and extreme close quarter (EQC) fight trainers. He builds hand crafted versions of the practical designs these professionals are demanding and offering them to the legally armed snub owner. His workmanship is excellent, his dedication is exemplary. My favorite classroom and work belt slide holsters come from Matt Del Fatti.


J S Holster’s ZULU-7 with custom sweat shield.


Barami Hip-Grip revolver stocks are available through Barami Hip-Grip John Rugh and Skyline Technology’s Clipdraw Lip GripCollins Craft’s Lip Grip is a laminated wood style of Barami’s classic Hip-Grip. The Lip-Grip is very well made but I found it to be about one-and-a-half times thicker than it needs to be. If the shooter has ” average” hands the Lip-Grip is too much of a good thing. For shooters with huge hands it might be just the thing. The Lip Grip is available in a choice of Dymondwood, walnut or zebra wood and is available for Smith & Wesson J-, K- and L-frame round butt revolvers.


LaserLyte offers side mounted lasers for a variety of J-frame and similar sized compact revolvers.


From Tarnhelm Police Supply in, Boscawen, NH:


Claude Werner of Firearms Safety Training has posted a great article on the Personal Defense Network regarding snub sights. A must read article before hunting up (much needed) replacement sights for the J-frames. There are a few companies who offer after-market J-frame sights worth reviewing:

  • XS Sight’s Big Dot is a great way go if you have a pin on front sight. Be sure to get the U-shaped rear sight work to go with the Big Dot. A awesome combination.
  • Check out Bowen Classic Arms number SW04 J-frame high-visibility sight installation package.
  • Something unique worth noting is Nitesiters. These are industrial glue-on glow-in-the-dark sight strips and dots. If you are considering Trijicon night sights but can’t currently afford the cost you can apply a set of Nitesiters on your carry gun. Test them out on a dark range and you can discover for yourself whether you must have “real” night sights or if you can live without them. All for a fraction of the Trijicon’s cost. You may also discover that Nitesiters as perfect just the way they are. I have a test strip and dot set on one of my Bodyguards and they work just fine.


Guns & Gun Parts 983 Westfield Street West Springfield, MA 01089 413-732-9938


5 Star Firearms Speedloaders

Star Firearms’ all-aluminum speedloaders are an improvement over the other “twist top” speedloader brands. Few people remember that the other popular “twist top” speedloader were made of aluminum before switching to cheaper plastic. 5 Star speedloaders are available in a staggering number of configurations, rounds counts and calibers. On special order you can ask Clinton at 5 Star to reset the release knob to turn clock-wise which I prefer. (Their standard models release counter clockwise.) My students are evenly divided over which they prefer but Clinton is patient with shooters who prefer a clock-wise release.

Bianchi Speed Strip

Speed Strips are available in .44/.45 and .38/.357 calibers. I find that generally, the Speed Strips work best with 6-shot Smiths and Colts in .38/.357 and the QuickStrips (see below) work best with 5-shot J-frames and J-frame sized guns.

DADE Loaders can be ordered through the current licensed manufacturer. They are available for a variety of .38 and .357 caliber 5-shot small frame guns (S&W J-frames, Taurus, Rossi, Ruger, Charter Arms) and a variety of medium to large frame 6-shot revolvers (Colts, D-frames and 6-shot S&W K, L and N-frames.) For ordering information, or to inquire about the availability of specific models, contact Howard N. via his e-mail: HKS


HKS speedloaders are well built and reliable but every time I have to deal with their staff it is a customer service nightmare. This link offers you a list of available HKS speedloader models but if you are in the market for HKS loaders, consider ordering them via the local gun shop.

S. L. Variant Speedloaders

SL Variant speedloaders are wonderfully over engineered and very well built. One of the only two speedloaders I carry at work. Thanks to Bobby McEachrin of for bringing them back into the country.

TUFF Products QuickStrip

QuickStrips are available in an amazing number of calibers. I find that generally, for .38/.357 snubs, QuickStrips work best with 5-shot J-frames and J-frame sized guns and Bianchi Speed Strips work best with full sized 6-shot Smiths and Colts (see above.)

Safariland Comp-I and Comp-II Speedloaders

Safariland Comp I speedloaders are a specialty loader. With proper training and the right reloading techniques they are a first rate choice for speedloading J-frames and J-frame sized snubs. Safariland Comp II speedloaders are a near ideal specialty loader. They combine minimum size, solid construction and a grooved body for optimum manipulation. They are a first rate choice for speedloading D-frame and K-frame sized snubs.

Watch my YouTube video on Speedloaders.


Barami Hip-Grip revolver stocks are available through Barami Hip-Grip Boot Grip revolver stocks for Smith & Wesson round butt J-frame and both round and square butt K- and L-frame revolvers are available from Craig Spegel. Mr. Spegel can be reached at 503-368-5653. Secret Service revolver stocks for various D-frame Colts, Rugers, Charter Arms and Taurus revolvers are available at Eagle Grips Tyler-T grip adaptors are available through Tyler Manufacturing