Recommended Courses

FIREARM COURSES – Alternatives to the Snub

David Kenik's MassCarry offers the NRA safety class for new shooters seeking Mass LTC/FID training.
They offer a complete training program covering all elements of handgun skills and safety.

David Kenik and Ralph with Armed Response — Armed Response offers a variety of DVD
training programs and hands-on training. Though not a snub specialty training group, they offer a wide variety of other firearm training courses.

Another great resource for locating firearm trainers is Just Firearms Training. They list
firearm trainers by both states and by the school's training specialty.


Chris "Norm" Thompson, chief designer and owner of Norm's Training Blades is producing all the new aluminum training knives we use in our 4-hour folding knife workshop and our 8-hour folding knife/counter knife course. When I went looking for a training knife maker who would work with the unusual requests that usually accompany all my training tools ideas, all the arrows pointed to Chris. He has great prices, a creative mind, knowledge of the required materials and a solid streak of integrity.