Recommended Books, Videos & Websites


There are several text based training resourses I would like to recommend to you:

Defensive Use of Firearms by Stephen P. Wenger

Armed Response by David Kenik – This is an excellent foundation text for new shooters.

Handgunner’s Guide by Chic Gaylord

Police Pistolcraft by Michael Conti

Snubby Revolver by Ed Lovette


My YouTube video on Speedloaders.

Big Dot Tritium Express Sights YouTube video

An excellent demonstration of Massad Ayoob – the “Stressfire” reload for the Revolver

Another excellent video from Massad Ayoob. Here he is demonstrating his “scalpel” style Speed Strip reloading technique.

Dave Spaulding and Ruger have a four-plus minute video covering a his preferred revolver reloading method and an overview of several speedloaders. Dave’s reload method is unique from mine but offered me several insights and I will use some elements of it to explain the four reloading methods I do advocate. Please note at the end of the video Dave is trying hard to “be polite” regarding the Maxfire rubber speedloader. His expression matches my views exactly.


Defending the Self-Defense Case, by Lisa Steele at Champion Magazine. It is a great look at how your lawyer (the judge and the jury) are going to look at your self-defense case.

The Flourishing Snub Revolver by Ralph Mroz at the web site. The article lists several resources for the snub revolver owner.

The Revolver Malfunction Drill by Grant Cummingham on Personal Defense Network (PDN). The article is not only an interesting read, but several of the comments are extremely useful.

Loads for the Snub Nose Revolver by Paul Pilgrim on Guns and Ammo’s HANDGUNS web site. There is some very good “food for thought”mitems on several .38 rounds designed for the snub.

A nice “white paper” from Charter Arms on the Advantages of Choosing a Revolver

Grant Cummingham produces a great revolver heavy web site, blog and facebook page.

Crimson Trace

The Next Chapter – From James A. “Zack” Zachary Jr. – This blog
includes some great items on a variety of firearms topics including several informative and entertaining sections on snubs. The additional links to other shooting related blogs are a goldmine. You could easily spend a day enjoying the site’s material and consider it a day well spent.

Stephen A. Camp’s Hi Powers and Handguns blog page is another excellent resource for the snub owner. There are over two dozen page links on a variety of topics including various snub models, snub tests and snub ammunition. You can find the complete list of postings under his Other Handguns listing.

The Snubnose Files

Defensive Use of Firearms