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Michael de Bethencourt  - Lead Instructor

Michael de Bethencourt portrait Michael de Bethencourt is the chief trainer for, specializing in courses on snub revolver, weapon disarming and retention, and folding knife skills, for both law enforcement officers and legally armed civilians.

Mr. de Bethencourt is a thirty year student of the martial arts and a twenty year student of police defense tactics. He is a nationally recognized defensive revolver, weapon disarming and improvised weapons trainer, and an internationally recognized tactical folding knife instructor-trainer.

Currently, Mr. de Bethencourt is working on the first volume of a three volume set of skills, tactics and tips for the snub revolver shooter.

Jeff Jennings - Training Staffer

Jeff Jennings is a trainer in several tactical disciplines, including defensive knife, defensive shotgun, and submachinegun. He also works in the emerging technology area of Augmented Reality, providing beyond-state-of-the-art training systems to public safety agencies and the military. Additionally, Mr. Jennings serves as a Director and Historian for the New England Veterans Firearms Museum.

David Wagman - Information Technology and Training Staffer

Bio and photo to follow.

A. Anselmo - Business Development and Training Staffer

Mr. Anselmo is a trainer in several non-classical disciplines, and has worked and trained with a variety of defense tactics trainers. He enjoys teaching to those interested in learning about self-defense at all levels, and believes that a many-faceted, realistic, sober, and non-ego driven approach to self-defense is best. When not directly assisting in training programs, Mr. Anselmo works behind-the-scenes in scheduling, resource management and business development.

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