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Q: Is the Secrets of the Concealed Snub class a prerequisite for attending the Mastering the Concealed Snub class?

A: Yes. Material offered in the Mastering the Concealed Snub class is predicated on knowledge of the material offered in the Secrets of the Concealed Snub class skills.


Q: Are there any Revolver Specific Books or DVDs you can recommend?

A: Currently there is not a book or tape I can recommend as "the single source" for good revolver material. There are a few handgun books that include some very good revolver information. These include (no special order):

Additionally, while not directly related to revolvers, I can highly recommend the following self-defense text:


Q: What are your Policies regarding Payments, Refunds, and Privacy?

A: Please click here to go to SnubTraining.com's Policies page.


Q: How can I obtain a Hammer Shroud for either my Colt or J-frame Smith?

A: You can get some more detailed information on my blog  but here is the quick guide to the most common ordering questions: Rick Mastin of Waller and Son is not selling the shrouds any longer but he was kind enough to forward to SnubTraining.com the remaining stock. There are currently shrouds for the J-frame S&W's and the D-frame Colt Detective Specials - both in chrome and blue-black. The cost is $40.00 per shroud and any checks should be made out to Rick Mastin. Currently we don't have an account via Pay Pal. To order send a 5" x 8" padded envelope with $1.50 return postage on it. Be sure to enclose a note identifying your snub's make and model, and if you are ordering a chromed or a blue-black shroud.


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