Essentials of the Defensive Folding Knife*

As profiled in Tactical Knives magazine and Guns & Weapons for Law
Essentials of the Defensive Folding Knife
course presents self-defense methods and manipulations unique to the
thumb-opening tactical folding knife.

Class includes:knife

  • Self-defense folders and limits on deadly force
  • The Tueller drill – How close is too close
  • The Magliato drill – How far is too far
  • Valuable features for the self-defense folder
  • Knife sharpening tools for the self-defense folder
  • Unconventional folding knife carries
  • Silent knife opening skills
  • Unconventional folding knife draws and grips
  • Unconventional knife targets
  • Self-defense and blood borne pathogens
  • Single attacker drills
  • Knife retention drills
  • Knife skills against front, side and rear attacks
  • Multiple attacker drills
  • Third party rescue skill drills
  • The folding knife as handgun retention tool
  • Knife skills against edged and impact weapons
  • Knife skills against firearms
  • Empty hands against the knife skills
  • Introduction to advanced knife/counter-knife recourses

Equipment List:

• Personal folding knife

(Optional only)

• Inert “drone” training knife

(Optional only – All training props will be provided)

• Pants with pockets

• Quality belt

• Eye protection

• Work gloves

(Optional only)

• Athletic supporter and cup

(Optional only)

• Lunch and snacks

(Lunch is a working lunch)

• Bottled water


• Three ring notebook and pen

• A disposable long sleeve shirt


$185.00 per student


*This class is for the lawfully armed individual who is looking for companion tool for his self-defense firearm or who requires a non-firearm self-defense tool when traveling out-of-state or out-of-country.
All required training tools will be provided. There is no
prerequisite to attend this course.

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