Internal Lock Failure? – Snub Training

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David Kenik, author of Armed Response  was kind enough to forward to me these video clips from THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS – here and here.  Near the end of the first clip the revolver appears to experience a malfunction. In the second clip the shooter’s gunsmith attempts to diagnosed the situation. Until the occurrence is officially confirmed […]

Snub Training – Left hand reloading video

Posted · Add Comment’s left hand reloading method.   Earlier today  I added several note to the right hand shooter’s video and will make some notes on the above video within the next few days. Two items worth noting now: First – An excellent video of a very quick left hand shooter’s revolver reloading method is available from […]

Right Hand Reload Video

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Michael on YouTube demonstrating the right hand reload. There are a few items of note regarding the technique that may be worth pointing out. 1 – The thumb goes behind the hammer before the trigger finger goes on the frame for two reasons. First – Most shooters find they can retain a firmer three-finger grip […]

Snub Training – Video

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Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Starting Wednesday I will start adding a video clip each week to this blog. I hope you will check it out on Wednesday. I will look forward to receiving you feed-back and suggestions. Yours, Michael de Bethencourt