Snub Training – Why the snub (again)

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MG wrote asking why I still keep working with the snubs.  I though the following might be worth sharing: Dear MG: Great question. While I love auto pistols and believe that in a full fighting size the autos have it over the same sized revolvers there are (still) a few reasons I stick with the snub […]

Six For Sure" by Andy Moynihan (2010)

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Andy Moynihan, one of our co-conspirators in the family of snub enthusiasts, penned this ode to the snub. I enjoyed it and hope you will too. – Michael de Bethencourt Six For Sure” by Andy Moynihan (2010) In this modern age of the polymer frame and the space age bottom-feeder, With a well-made modern auto […]

Snub Training (2012) – Tactics

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If one of your strategies (relaxed alertness) in support of your goal (to be safe) has helped you identify a possible threat then it is time to rehearse your best tactics (actions) for responding to the problem.   Tactics development can include a series of if-then drills that let you dry rehearse your response to a […]

Snub Training – The snub and multiple attackers

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Shane wrote: My main question is, with the rise of multiple attackers being the norm, is the snubby still a viable tool for these ever increasing challenges? Dear Shane:   I hope this note finds you well. Thank you for the great question. If I may restate and paraphrase it, you’re asking: “Do I believe that […]