Snub Training – Werner Carry System*

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Whether you don’t ever expect to take the snub out of the house or the office or if you carry it in either an ankle or a pocket holster some form of post-encounter weapon securing method is still important. Now there are several very popular methods for securing a snub on your person. Two of […]

Snub Training – Pachmayr Stocks

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Hello Michael: I would like to extend the grip on my 438 J-frame.  The Pachmayr Gripper and the Pachmayr Gripper Decelerator would both do that. Do you have a preference (or other suggestions)? Steve G.   Dear Steve: I hope this note finds you well. A great question Here are my thoughts – They’re free […]

Snub Training – Laser Max

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Laser Max produces two models of J-frame sized laser stocks; the Laser Max H model and the Laser Max NH model.  The H-model will fit any J-frame revolver with an exposed hammer and the NH (No-Hammer) model will fit the hammerless J-frames such as the Centennial.  Each Laser Max laser emitter is fitted to the […]

Snub Training – Crimson Trace

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Crimson Trace offers the widest selection of laser stocks for snub revolvers.  Their laser stocks are built of polymer, rubber or a combination of both while their laser emitter is positioned under the revolver’s cylinder on the right side stock panel.  The activation switch is located under the revolver’s trigger guard generally midway up the […]

Snub Training – Rubber Stocks

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Not everyone is a fan of rubber stocks or their derivatives (Neoprene, Santoprene, etc.,) They tend to cling to cover garments, impeding the access stroke, and their spongy “give” makes getting a optimum grip when rushed less likely. Additionally, most rubber stocks cover the snub’s backstrap in order to reduce recoil and are subsequently of […]

Snub Training – Laser stocks

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Laser stocks are one of those rare self-defense tools that offer multiple advantages with almost no corresponding down sides.  There are some practical and training benefits that a laser equipped snub can be put to.  These include: 1.  A laser is a useful tool for safely evaluating the “lasering” risk when practicing an alternative draw […]