Snub Training – Reloading videos

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John M. was kind enough to pass along these links to some interesting revolver reloading demos. – Thank you John.   Dear Michael: Mas Ayoob shows some reloading stuff – Additionally, here are some other vidoes – This is definitely the fastest reload method of the bunch – – John […]

Snub Training – Non-indexing vs. Auto Indexing

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Even after noting the advantages in triggering past empty charge holes rather that manually orienting the cylinder there is one method of unconsciously indexing loose rounds that is worth noting. This auto-indexing can be done in poor light and does not require you to take your eyes off the target. Refer back to the auto-pistol […]

Snub Training – Clearing Snub Malfunctions

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The malfunction of most concern to revolver shooters is the round under the star ejector.  Fortunately for the snub shooter with the abbreviated ejector rod, getting a round under the star ejector is rarer than with other revolver’s with full length ejectors.  Still the snub owner may wish to have a few range tricks for […]

Snub Training – Self Defense Reloading

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Reloading skills can take one of several forms; Skills that develop familiarization with the weapon, Skills that develop tactical awareness, Skills that develop self defense competence and, Skills that develop range competence.  Most reloading skills blend two or more of these attributes.  As a general rule I try to avoid any reloading skill that is […]

Snub Training – Left Hand Reloading

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As note before, the revolver is a non-symmetric loading weapon. Here is a left hand reloading method that I find takes bits and pieces of the best of the non-traditional reloading systems. Start with the snub in your left hand. 1.   Left hand thumb moved to the rear of the hammer 2.   Left index finger […]

Snub Training – Right Hand Reloading

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1.   Right thumb moved to the rear of the hammer* 2.   Right hand index finger comes off the trigger and is positioned flush under cylinder 3.   Left hand’s index finger under the cylinder 4.   Left hand thumb on cylinder release 5.   Left hand thumb operates the cylinder release (press forward with Smith and Wesson, […]

Snub Training – Snub Manual of Arms (Cont.)

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For lack of a better description and though it sounds counter-intuitive for a revolver reload method, we will call the first two of four reloading methods an “Auto-Pistol” style Manual-Of-Arms. Before walking through the steps that make up the “Semi-Auto” Manual of Arms, lets set the stage by looking at how not to reload a semi-auto […]

Snub Training – Manual of Arms

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There are several common manual-of-arms for the snub.  These include but are not limited to: The Classic FBI method The Modified FBI method The Taylor right-hand “speed load” method (See The Complete Book of Combat Handgunning by Chuck Taylor) The Classic LFI StressFire method (See StressFire by Massad Ayoob) The Contemporary LFI StressFire method       […]