Snub Training – Spent brass Q

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Hi Michael, Q 1 – I have been studying your strong hand reloading technique (I am right handed), which I believe is a major contribution to swift and effective reloading. However, I have a question. When bringing the pistol up to perform the ejection, how do you avoid having hot spent shell casings fall into […]

How Many Rounds in a loading strip (re-edit)

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Before reviewing any loading strip reloading method we should stop and consider how many rounds the loading strip should be filled with. There are several schools of thought regarding the number of rounds the loading strip should be filled with.  Many shooters like to fill the six-hole loading strip with six rounds. Unfortunately filling all […]

Snub Training – Loose Rounds (Re-edit)

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There are several reasons why a shooter might want to practice reloading skills using only one, two or three loose rounds.  1 – A partially loaded cylinder is a fully loaded weapon. This lesson often needs reminding. Try a simple test. If the cylinder holds five rounds and you load the cylinder with four rounds then […]

Snub Training – Ayoob's StressFire reload

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  There are two schools of thought on optimizing a revolver reload with the loading strip. The first is from master firearms trainer Massad Ayoob.  1 – Fill your loading strip with five rounds while keeping the holding hole closest to the loading strip’s flange tab empty. 2 – Hold your open and unloaded revolver in […]

Snub Training – Failing with loading strips

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Having filled either the Speed- or QuickStrip with rounds, the shooter now has four options for pealing off the rounds and loading them in the cylinder’s charge holes. The shooter can: 1 – Twist the loading strip counter-clockwise while keeping the loading holes flat against and parallel to the face of the cylinder. 2 – […]

Snub Training – Speedloader tips

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As noted in the section on Stocks not all speedloaders work with common “combat” stocks.  Please thoroughly test your current speedloaders with your stocks both with and without gloves before you bet you life on them. SPEEDLOADER SKILLS These are a few speedloader tips worth passing along.  The first comes from Ed Lovette in his […]

Snub Training – Speedloaders

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There are by my count six currently available speed loader styles.  These are, in alphabetical order: Buffer Technologies’ Jet Loaders, H.K.S. speedloaders, Maxfire speedloaders, Safariland’s Comp I, II and III speedloaders, and SL Variant speedloaders.  Gunsmith and gun writer Grant Cunningham has written on his gun topic blog that he has seen several guns whose […]