– BobMacs SSO holster

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For too many months now I have noticed a serious up-tick in shooters coming to the snub classes wearing either BobMacs’ MCS or SSO holsters. This despite my continuing advocacy for the DB-1. I have an early SSO from BobMac but I never gave it a fair shake. Why should I? I had very serviceable […]

Snub Training – Snubs and Women

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I was asked to submit three items on snub skills for a handgun text due out next year. My submissions included; the snub as primary weapon, the snub as back-up gun, and the snub as a women’s weapon. The section on women and snubs is listed below. Snubs for Women  Offering “women specific” shooting advice […]

Snub Training – Boots and ankle guns

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Dear Michael: I carry a Taurus 85 snubby as BUG and primary when my P1445 won’t be discreet. I’m looking at ankle carry as an alternative to pocket carry (left front).  I wear full height cowboy boots, hiking boots, or running shoes. Are there any pointers you can think of about ankle rigs relative to […]

Snub Training – A few reader Q’s

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Michael: I have a couple of questions about your suggested “first revolver” EDC: 1. Why a Hip-grip instead of a holster for your primary gun? 2. Why do you recommend wearing the heavier gun on the ankle instead of on the belt? [Side question: Do you have problems with the ankle holster sliding down your […]

Snub Training – Spent brass Q

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Hi Michael, Q 1 – I have been studying your strong hand reloading technique (I am right handed), which I believe is a major contribution to swift and effective reloading. However, I have a question. When bringing the pistol up to perform the ejection, how do you avoid having hot spent shell casings fall into […]

Snub Training – Ankle holsters

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With proper pre-planning the ankle holster can be a very versatile second gun carry position. One of the most ignored realities of daily living is the large percentage of the time people spend sitting. Sitting on the drive to work, sitting  at the office desk, sitting  during lunch, sitting  during dinner, sitting  during a movie, […]

Snub Training – The Clipdraw

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Another popular non-holster holster product is the Clipdraw.  Rediscovered by John Rugh of Woodsman’s Pal fame, the Clipdraw is a brand term for variety of spring-steel, handgun carry clips that mount directly on the frame of the pistol.  Available for a wide selection of handguns, there are three models of particular interest to the snub owner: […]

Snub Training – Alessi Ankle Holster

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  My favorite daily carry ankle holster comes from Lou Alessi. The Alessi ankle holster is the most comfortable and secure ankle holster I have come across.  The backing on the holster is made of a 1/4-inch thick dense felt that draws off perspiration. The soft felt also shapes itself to your ankle to prevent […]