Snub Training (2012) – Stocks vs. Grips

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While it is common for shooters to use the term “stocks” and “grips” interchangeably for the sake of clarity I will use the term “grip” for the shooter’s specific hand contact with the stocks and “stocks” for the material attached to the snub. I will maintain this description distinction even when the manufacture’s themselves do […]

Snub Training (2012) – The Rauch Rule

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Gun writer and former special agent with the Secret Service Walter Rauch is credited with publicizing the importance of religiously checking the firing condition of your self-defense gun any time it has been out of your hands. I thought that this suggestion was so valuable that I printed up a pair of index cards with […]

Snub Training (2012) – Frame Material Consideration

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The standard materials used in the J-frames include blue- and stainless steel, the light-weight aluminum alloy and the ultra light-weight rare earth alloys. Of the tree; the steel (blue- and stainless) frames, the aluminum alloy “Airweight” frames and the ultra light-weight alloy “AirLite” frames my preference In order is:  The Airweight, then blue steel (unless […]