Snub Training – Why the snub (again)

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MG wrote asking why I still keep working with the snubs.  I though the following might be worth sharing: Dear MG: Great question. While I love auto pistols and believe that in a full fighting size the autos have it over the same sized revolvers there are (still) a few reasons I stick with the snub […]

Snub Training (2012) – Deadly Force Limitations

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Lay advice involving the judicious use of deadly force is filled with both criminal and civil pitfalls.  Law students spend three years studying just the foundation of the law and then spend the rest of their legal careers learning its nuances.   A few sentences from me cannot do justice to this complex topic and any […]

Snub Training – 2nd snub holsters

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A high quality holster on or near the strong side hip remains the first choice for carrying a primary snub. Since the best snub concealment location is taken up by the primary snub a little creativity will be needed to conceal the second or back-up snub. Two of the more common second snub carry locations […]

Snub Training – Snub as Back-up Gun II

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Yesterday we introduced ten reasons for carrying a second or back-up snub. Lets look at each of these reasons in some more detail. You Run Out of Time The classic example occurred during the FBI Miami shoot out in 1986.  Special Agent Risner ran through his Smith and Wesson 459 pistol and initially found it […]

Snub Training – Snub as Back-up Gun I

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All fights, certainly gunfights, are violent physical encounters.  In the middle of the fight any number of failures can occur.  If there is a Murphy’s Law it is certainly most likely to occur in the middle of a gun battle. Fortunately everything that makes carrying a single snub convenient: small size, light weight, adequate power […]