Snub Training – The .327

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Michael: Can you give me your opinion of the .327 Federal Magnum in the 3″ J-frame?      Yours, Mike from NC Dear Mike: Thank you for the questions. First off anytime I can advocate for the 3-inch J-fame I will. Love the gun! Re the .327… On “paper” I love the idea of a 6-round J-frame […]

Snub Training – Taurus Q

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Dear Michael: What is your opinion of Taurus revolvers? I recently purchased a model 851ss for my wife’s first gun. It appears to have a good fit and lock up with a smooth trigger pull but is a little heavier than my Smith. What loads do you recommend for a snubby Also is this gun […]

Snub Training – Ammo questions

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Dear Ralph: Thank you for the very kind note and the words on the blog. Regarding you great questions: [Are] hollow point is really worth it I don’t count on them expanding either. Not out of short barrels, but I still use them in most (90%) of my self-defense guns because 1) they might help in […]

Snub Training – POP Round

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There are several primer only propelled (POP) training round options available. These are great options for the snub owner who is looking to practice safely outside the confines of a traditional gun club or range.  Almost any space with ventilation can be cleared away to make a safe private shooting galley.  POP rounds are inexpensive […]

Snub Training – All Lead Hollow Points

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Nothing in the above should be misconstrued as discouraging the use of hollow point ammunition. If the shooter can find several brands of ammunition that fulfill the Reliability/ACLU requirement and one brand is a hollow point and the other is not, choose the hollow point.  While the majority of conventional hollow point ammunition will not […]

Snub Training – A.C.L.U. Ammunition

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A.C.L.U. is a mnemonic device used to help prioritize those features to look for when testing self-defense ammunition. A.C.L.U. stands for: Accurate, Controllable, Low light compatible and User friendly Accurate: Is the ammunition accurate in your snub? Each snub shoots groups with a decided preference for some ammunition and a dislike for others.  Whether a […]

Snub Training – Assuring Ammunition Reliability

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The first requirement for any ammunition carried for self-defense is that it must be reliable.  Only after you have determined to your complete satisfaction that the ammunition is reliable enough to bet your life on can any other item be considered. An article by Patrick Sweeny in a 2007 issue of Guns & Ammo demonstrates […]

Snub Training – Ammunition

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Nearly every snub owner wants to know what the best possible self-defense ammunition is for his snub.  While it is an important question, determining the correct answer is challenging. Every month one shooting magazine or another reports on a new development in snub related self-defense ammunition.  Consequently, with these ever evolving innovations any advice offered […]