Snub Training – Waller and Sons hammer shrouds

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For many months we have been without any additional Waller and Son hammer shrouds for the gun blue Colt D-frame snubs (Detective Special, Agent, Cobra) After months of hunting we did locate a plating company capable of refinishing a portion of the remaining satin shrouds in an attractive gun blue. I am happy to say that the […]

Snub Training – My ideal snub

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This question comes up often so I though I might share with you my thoughts.   If I had to pick a first snub to recommend I would go with a lock-free, Airweight S&W Bodyguard and render it double-action only. If I couldn’t find a Airweight Bodyguard I would try to hunt up an Airweight Chief Special, render […]

Snub Training – Gunsmiths I

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Karl Sokol is the owner and chief gunsmith with Chestnut Mountain Sports in West Rutland, VT. He is one of the only two gunsmiths I use for work on my self-defense snubs. The other is Mike LaRocca, owner of LaRocca’s Gun Works in Worcester, MA. Recently I asked both for a list of those features that they […]

Snub Training -Thumb Latches

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When a shooter reloads using either the Taylor “speed load” method or either of the better known FBI methods, S&W’s new art-deco style cylinder release latch might be viewed as something of an improvement.  This is because the new latch is angled for the convenience of the right hand shooter so he may activate the […]

Snub Training – Magna-Trigger

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The Magna-Trigger Safety was designed by Joe Davis and is a modification to select revolvers and prevents anyone not wearing a unique magnetic ring from firing the weapon.  The heart of the unit is a magnetic module that fits into a cut away portion of the front strap of the revolver’s frame.  When a shooter […]

Snub Training – Murabito Revolver Safety

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As I noted in the last post I have used a safety on a duty revolver. I did this so that I might take advantage of a faster access holster without the accompanying disarming danger. And I note that the fellow I sold the gun to was looking for an additional level of security because there was a child in […]

Snub Training – The Hammer Safety

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The discontinued Hammer Safety was a shotgun-style safety that was fitted to the hammer directly under the hammer spur.   The safety was held in place by a detent ball and spring and was milled to sit flush with hammer when in the “off” position.  When “on” the Hammer Safety projected just over the edge of […]

Snub Training – Aftermarket Revolver Safeties

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Working hand-in-hand with weapon retention skills are the various overlooked and sometimes unknown after market revolver safeties.  There were at one time three such devices any of which would be a comforting safety cushion against a weapon disarm attempt. These include the discontinued and very sadly missed Hammer Safety, the Murabito Revolver Safety and the Magna-Trigger Gun […]

Snub Training – Ported Barrels

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I don’t like ported barrels on self-defense guns nor do I care for them on range training guns. The clearest danger is the risk of hot, explosive gases vented up into the shooters eyes and face.  It is true that a ported barrel will let a shooter shoot faster because it will reduce muzzle jump. […]

Snub Training – Avoidable Features

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Studying, training and teaching snub skills has lead me to believe that there are a few common features that do little or nothing to enhance the snub as a self-defense weapon.  While almost all features have some value my experience is that there are three features in particular have passed the point of diminishing returns. These […]