.22 Ammunition and Self-Defense

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One of the gentlemen reading the Facebook posting this morning asked about my preferred brand of .22 ammunition. No pun intended but I have no preferred brand of ammo but my guns sure do. And the guns always tell me what THEY want to shoot. I literally have shelves full of mixed ammo – both […]

Snub Training – Why the snub (again)

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MG wrote asking why I still keep working with the snubs.  I though the following might be worth sharing: Dear MG: Great question. While I love auto pistols and believe that in a full fighting size the autos have it over the same sized revolvers there are (still) a few reasons I stick with the snub […]

Model 12 vintage, specs and desirability?

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Michael, If I recall correctly, some of the more recent vintage Model 12’s have dimensions similiar to a model 10 and are easier to acquire grips, etc. for.  How can one tell if the Model 12 is compatible with the model 10 parts? I currently have a Ruger sp101 with 2 1/4 inch barrel.  The […]

Snub Training – 3-inch L-frame snub

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Michael, I ran across a S&W model 686 L-frame in a round butt, 3” barrel configuration.  Do you have any experiences with this model and configuration?  The gun shoots great but at 35-ounces empty, is it too heavy for carry in holster on a belt?  Any experiences and/or holster recommendations for this set up would […]