Snub Training – When to dump a snub

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Dear DR: I hope this note finds you well. You asked about a new snub that has suffered several part and function failures since you bought it and you were wondering about the future reliability.  Here are my thoughts: I have found that many of the new guns lack the workmanship of guns made only […]

Internal Lock Failure? – Snub Training

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David Kenik, author of Armed Response  was kind enough to forward to me these video clips from THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS – here and here.  Near the end of the first clip the revolver appears to experience a malfunction. In the second clip the shooter’s gunsmith attempts to diagnosed the situation. Until the occurrence is officially confirmed […]

Snub Training – Internal Locks (Cont)

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While an internal lock offers an unobtrusive method to secure the weapon the entire idea of an integrated keyway requiring a miniscule key is in my opinion fundamentally flawed. Consider only a few problems: 1 – A small key is easily lost. 2 – Small keyway is easily plugged by pocket lint or from being […]

Snub Training – Internal Locks

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There are currently several revolvers are now produced with internal locks. These include Ruger, Taurus and others. Some revolvers feature a built-in locking mechanism with the keyway located just above and behind the cylinder release on the left side of the frame. Once inserted the key can be rotates 90 degrees to either lock or […]

Snub Training – Ported Barrels

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I don’t like ported barrels on self-defense guns nor do I care for them on range training guns. The clearest danger is the risk of hot, explosive gases vented up into the shooters eyes and face.  It is true that a ported barrel will let a shooter shoot faster because it will reduce muzzle jump. […]

Snub Training – Ultra Lightweight Alloys

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I am under impressed with the popular ultra-lightweight titanium and scandium snubs.  They may be a joy to carry but they suffer several disadvantages as self-defense weapons.  First, responsible gun carrying requires competence and a simple measure of competence is range qualification.  A basic qualification score against a standardized range exam can be extremely challenging […]

Snub Training – Avoidable Features

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Studying, training and teaching snub skills has lead me to believe that there are a few common features that do little or nothing to enhance the snub as a self-defense weapon.  While almost all features have some value my experience is that there are three features in particular have passed the point of diminishing returns. These […]