Advanced Secrets of the Concealed Carry Snub*

Mr. de Bethencourt has decades of experience with the snub-nose revolvers to share. He offers a lively and informative program and will challenge your thinking on these under-rated little guns. – Ralph Mroz, Nationally known firearms writer and Training Director for the Police Officers Safety Association

As profiled in Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Woman and Guns and S.W.A.T. magazine.’s Advanced Secrets of the Concealed Carry
presents shooting methods and manipulations unique to the short-barreled revolver.

Class topics include:

  • Mastering ambidextrous snub manipulation
  • Ammunition management for multiple targets
  • Practical techniques for tactical reloads
  • Speedloader malfunction rescue techniques
  • Snubs, flashlights and low-light fighting skills
  • Laser stocks (supplied) and laser advantages
  • Lasers, low light and positions of disadvantage
  • Laser stocks as judgment development tool
  • Injured-hand snub access and fighting skills
  • Reloading the snub weak-hand-only
  • The case for the second (back-up) snub
  • Techniques for manipulating paired snubs
  • Drawing and shooting paired snubs
  • Tips and tactics for the pocket holster
  • Tips and tactics for the ankle holster
  • Snub techniques for grapplers and ground fighters
  • Prone and supine reloading techniques
  • Snub advantages against common gun disarms
  • After market snub revolver safeties
  • Force-on-force drills for snub fight development

Equipment List:

• Snub revolver

(3-inch barrel or shorter – any .38 or .357 caliber)

• Second snub

(Optional – but strongly encouraged)

• Quality holster and belt

(Holster remains open following draw stroke)

• Eye and ear protection

• A baseball-style cap with a bill

• Ammunition (Supplied)

(Each student will be issued 100 to 125 .38 caliber Primer Only Propelled (POP) Convert-A-Pell training materials and UTM Force-on-Force Man Marking Cartridges.)

• Lunch and snacks

(Lunch is a working lunch)

• Bottled water


• Three ring notebook and pen

• Laser stocks

(Required – Some available for loan – Please call first)

• Ankle holster

(Required – Some available for loan – Please call first)

$185.00 per student

To register, telephone Michael de Bethencourt at 978-667-5591, e-mail or mail in your application along with a $85.00 tuition deposit to, 8 Kingsbury Lane, North Billerica, MA 01862

*This program is not a new shooter’s gun safety class. This course is for intermediate to advanced level shooters looking to advance their skills with the self-defense snub revolver. Shooters must have completed the Secrets of the Conceal Carry Snub course in order to attend this program.

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