Snub Training (2012) Rhino revolver

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Every few months someone is kind enough to ask about my thoughts on the Rhino revolver. While it is an interesting item I think that it is a firearm design that asks more questions than it answers. Most importantly: What is its job? Is it a conceal carry weapon? If so you can’t conceal it as […]

Snub Training (2012) – Stocks vs. Grips

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While it is common for shooters to use the term “stocks” and “grips” interchangeably for the sake of clarity I will use the term “grip” for the shooter’s specific hand contact with the stocks and “stocks” for the material attached to the snub. I will maintain this description distinction even when the manufacture’s themselves do […]

Snub Training (2012) – Basic Shooting Log

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One of our readers has a new (to him) snub and asked: “[W]hat do you consider ‘better ammo’ for training? I though I would share my thoughts with you. Dear VS:Ouch! – Tough question. The best ammo for training will depend to some measure on you and your shooting skills.Rather than recommend some specific ammo […]

Snub Training (2012) – Daily Function Check

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Daily Function Check Confirming the firing status of your snub before slipping it into a pocket or holster is an invaluable habit to develop. So, too, is that of conducting a daily function check. A quick daily function check will confirm that all of the snub’s critical parts are clean, important screws are tight, and […]