Snub Training – When to dump a snub

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Dear DR: I hope this note finds you well. You asked about a new snub that has suffered several part and function failures since you bought it and you were wondering about the future reliability.  Here are my thoughts: I have found that many of the new guns lack the workmanship of guns made only […]

Snub Training (2012) – Centennial

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The Centennial’s snag free styling along with its fully encased DAO hammer design are two of its most popular selling points. Many fans of the Centennial also like to point out that the Centennial’s unusual “Quasimodo” humpback frame shape lends itself to an extremely high grasp on the backstrap for maximum recoil control. While theoretically true […]

Snub Training (2012) – The Bodyguard

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The classic Model 38 and model 49 Bodyguard (and not the nonsensical plastic abomination S&W mislabeled “Bodyguard 38”)  offers the shooter the best of all snub designs. The classic Bodyguard’s design features a solid hammer shroud while still making accessible a tiny nub of the hammer. The integrated hammer shroud avoids several hammer spur snagging […]

Snub Training – Why the snub (again)

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MG wrote asking why I still keep working with the snubs.  I though the following might be worth sharing: Dear MG: Great question. While I love auto pistols and believe that in a full fighting size the autos have it over the same sized revolvers there are (still) a few reasons I stick with the snub […]

SNub Training (2012) – The Chief Special

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  The D-frame Colt may have the older pedigree but it was the exposed hammer Chief Special that truly set the snub apart as a unique self-defense tool. When you pick up a classic Chief Special you are shaking hands with a tool that has and continues to protect everyone from business men to shop […]

Snub Training (2012) – Smith & Wesson J-frames

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Since its first introduction in 1950 the ubiquitous J-frame has been produced in a staggering variety of variations and models. An entire book could (and probably should) be devoted solely to the subject. Despite the fact that the J-frame’s diminutive size makes it a less than a perfect fit for an adult sized man’s hand, […]

Paul Gomez – 2012

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Practical shooters and good guys everywhere lost a great friend and an amazingly versatile tactician/trainer with the unexpected loss of Paul Gomez of Gomez Training International. I knew Paul for years and the only thing that exceeded his encyclopedic knowledge of and innovations in firearms training was his love of life and his great good […]

Snub Training (2012) – Frame Material Consideration

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The standard materials used in the J-frames include blue- and stainless steel, the light-weight aluminum alloy and the ultra light-weight rare earth alloys. Of the tree; the steel (blue- and stainless) frames, the aluminum alloy “Airweight” frames and the ultra light-weight alloy “AirLite” frames my preference In order is:  The Airweight, then blue steel (unless […]