Snub Training (2012) – Ruger SP 101

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The Ruger SP 101 is an investment cast small frame five shot revolver. Its frame design resembles a heavier, bulkier and generally more robust Smith & Wesson J-frame. Ruger introduced the SP101 in .38 Special in 1989 and in .357 Magnum in 1991. In both .38 and .357 the SP101 consistently proves to be an […]

Six For Sure" by Andy Moynihan (2010)

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Andy Moynihan, one of our co-conspirators in the family of snub enthusiasts, penned this ode to the snub. I enjoyed it and hope you will too. – Michael de Bethencourt Six For Sure” by Andy Moynihan (2010) In this modern age of the polymer frame and the space age bottom-feeder, With a well-made modern auto […]

Snub Training (2012) – Chiappa Rhino

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  Without question, the Chiappa Rhino is the most original double action revolver to hit the market in the last 100 years. Manufactured in Italy by KIMAR, the Rhino incorporates a number of unique qualities; however, the most notable is the fact that the barrel aligns with the cylinder at the 6 o’clock position rather […]

Snub Training (2012) – Charter Arms

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The Charter Arms/Charter 2000/Charco company and their .38 snubs have had a tortured past. The company has often been perceived as producing revolvers whose quality control fluctuates from workmanlike to well below average. This is generally an unfair tag as most of the poor guns were produced during the short-live “Charco” production years. While never […]

Snub Training – S/Steel vs Blue Steel

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One of our blog readers asked why I favor the blue steel snubs over the stainless steel guns.  I thought I would share my answer. Dear Victor: You asked about my choice of blue steel over stainless steel and sugested that it may have been about the blue steel’s low profile color. You are not too far […]

Snub Training (2012) – Elements of the Personal Defensive Snub

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Snub revolvers are bought by all types of users for various uses. From the sportsman’s classic kit gun to the instructor’s training tool for new shooters to the legally armed citizen’s ubiquitous self-defense carry weapon. Because the needs of these shooters vary, manufacturers tend to build their snub revolvers around some amorphous multi-function goal. The […]