Snub Training (2012) – Getting Started

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I have two pieces of pre-snub training advice. First, get the best gear available, test it, discard what doesn’t work and try again. Order your equipment custom made if commercial offerings fail to meet your needs. Second, screw the expense. Nobody in the middle of a gunfight ever gave thanks for the money he saved […]

Snub Training (2012) – Safety Reminder

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Safe firearm handling is a martial skill unto itself.  It speaks volumes about the depth of your competence as a modern self-defense practitioner.  The following safety rules are offered as a guideline and are a fusion of the best work of Jeff Cooper and Andy Stanford: 1.   Handle every firearm with the same care you […]

Snub Training (2012) – Goals and Objective

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I have six goals for this collected material. I hope to: 1.   Introduce some alternative snub manipulation skills and drills. 2.   Demonstrate some unconventional right and left hand snub manual-of-arms techniques. It is worth noting that because the snub revolver is an asymmetric weapon it requires different handling skills for the right and […]

Snub Training (2012) – Why another Snub Text

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There has always been a dearth of snub related texts. H. FitzGerald, the prime motivation behind the “Fitz-Special” noted several of the snub’s self-defense advantages in his book Shooting. Master holster designer Chic Gaylord dedicated several pages worth of material to the snub’s virtues in his text The Handgunner’s Guide. But neither text is a […]

Snub Training (2012) – The Snub’s Limitations

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Just as the snub’s advantages are subjective so too are its disadvantages. And whether one element of the snub’s design is an advantage or a disadvantage depends upon several factors including; the shooters skill level, his familiarization with the weapon and its expected role to name just three.  Consider the example of the heavy trigger-pull. […]

Snub Training (2012) – The Snub’s Advantages

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In addition to the snub’s two “basic virtues” it also possesses several general advantages. Point-by-point these advantages are not lacking in other handguns but uniquely the snub offers them all in a single firearm. The following list reflects only my own experience with the self-defense snub and items on this list may or may not […]

Snub Training (2012) – Why the Snub

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I chose the snub because it possesses two distinct virtues; it is small enough that I can regularly conceal it regardless of the season or the social situation and it is available in a caliber that most knowledge able shooters would consider a fair baseline for self defense.  If the snub did nothing beyond these […]

Snub Training (2012) – Introduction

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Beware the man with one gun; he may know how to use it. So goes the old saw. Good advice but nothing I ever followed. For years I would alternate my carry guns along with the changing seasons’ cover garments. But rotating guns will lead to their own problems. After years of reflection I concluded […]

Snub Training (2012) – Dedication

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Dear Fellow Snub Shooters – Our snub training book text is completed. It needs a final review edit and photo insertions then off to the printers.  If interest permits I would like to ask for your aid. I will post a new section every Monday, Wednesday and Friday initially. I welcome any corrections and notes […]