Snub Training – Left hand reloading video

Posted · Add Comment’s left hand reloading method.   Earlier today  I added several note to the right hand shooter’s video and will make some notes on the above video within the next few days. Two items worth noting now: First – An excellent video of a very quick left hand shooter’s revolver reloading method is available from […]

Model 12 vintage, specs and desirability?

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Michael, If I recall correctly, some of the more recent vintage Model 12’s have dimensions similiar to a model 10 and are easier to acquire grips, etc. for.  How can one tell if the Model 12 is compatible with the model 10 parts? I currently have a Ruger sp101 with 2 1/4 inch barrel.  The […]

Right Hand Reload Video

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Michael on YouTube demonstrating the right hand reload. There are a few items of note regarding the technique that may be worth pointing out. 1 – The thumb goes behind the hammer before the trigger finger goes on the frame for two reasons. First – Most shooters find they can retain a firmer three-finger grip […]