Snub Training – Video

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Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Starting Wednesday I will start adding a video clip each week to this blog. I hope you will check it out on Wednesday. I will look forward to receiving you feed-back and suggestions. Yours, Michael de Bethencourt

How Many Rounds in a loading strip (re-edit)

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Before reviewing any loading strip reloading method we should stop and consider how many rounds the loading strip should be filled with. There are several schools of thought regarding the number of rounds the loading strip should be filled with.  Many shooters like to fill the six-hole loading strip with six rounds. Unfortunately filling all […]

Snub Training – Reloading videos

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John M. was kind enough to pass along these links to some interesting revolver reloading demos. – Thank you John.   Dear Michael: Mas Ayoob shows some reloading stuff – Additionally, here are some other vidoes – This is definitely the fastest reload method of the bunch – – John […]

Snub Training – Loose Rounds (Re-edit)

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There are several reasons why a shooter might want to practice reloading skills using only one, two or three loose rounds.  1 – A partially loaded cylinder is a fully loaded weapon. This lesson often needs reminding. Try a simple test. If the cylinder holds five rounds and you load the cylinder with four rounds then […]

Snub Training – 3-inch L-frame snub

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Michael, I ran across a S&W model 686 L-frame in a round butt, 3” barrel configuration.  Do you have any experiences with this model and configuration?  The gun shoots great but at 35-ounces empty, is it too heavy for carry in holster on a belt?  Any experiences and/or holster recommendations for this set up would […]

Snub Training – The book

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Dear Fellow snub shooters: I hope this note finds you well. About eighty-five percent of what I hope to be the first book in a three volume set of snub revolver skills is complete. Starting this week, every second day I plan to post some newly re-edited sections and start outlining many of the actual shooting […]