Snub Training – Snub workshop at Kittery

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Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: I hope this note finds you well. The Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, Maine will be hosting four one-hour free snub skills workshops titled Tips, Tactics and Techniques of Concealed Carry Snub on Saturday, June 6, 2009 These workshops will be conducted at 9:30 am, 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30 pm This […]

Snub Training – Pachmayr Stocks

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Hello Michael: I would like to extend the grip on my 438 J-frame.  The Pachmayr Gripper and the Pachmayr Gripper Decelerator would both do that. Do you have a preference (or other suggestions)? Steve G.   Dear Steve: I hope this note finds you well. A great question Here are my thoughts – They’re free […]

Snub Training – Matt Del Fatti holsters

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I his book Handgunner’s Guide, Chick Gaylord noted that “[There] are many holsters on the market. Unfortunately, it seems to be a case of each manufacturer copying the other’s mistakes.” While he was specifically commenting on shoulder holsters his sentiment can be applied to the overwhelming majority of holsters currently made for carrying the snub […]

Snub Training – The Holster Dilemma

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Before trying to pick a holster lets consider what a holster has to do. It has to: 1 – Hold the handgun securely until you reach for it 2 – Give you the handgun when you draw it 3 – Take the handgun back when you re-holster it 4 – Resist the drawing efforts of […]

Snub Training – Holsters

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The forgotten element in the self-defense package is the holster.  Shooters will cheerfully pay top dollar for the best gun and ammunition and double that for custom stocks and gunsmithing. Why then are so many willing to base their holster choice on whatever fits the gun and can be found in the discount bin in […]

Snub Training – All Lead Hollow Points

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Nothing in the above should be misconstrued as discouraging the use of hollow point ammunition. If the shooter can find several brands of ammunition that fulfill the Reliability/ACLU requirement and one brand is a hollow point and the other is not, choose the hollow point.  While the majority of conventional hollow point ammunition will not […]

Snub Training – A.C.L.U. Ammunition

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A.C.L.U. is a mnemonic device used to help prioritize those features to look for when testing self-defense ammunition. A.C.L.U. stands for: Accurate, Controllable, Low light compatible and User friendly Accurate: Is the ammunition accurate in your snub? Each snub shoots groups with a decided preference for some ammunition and a dislike for others.  Whether a […]

Snub Training – Assuring Ammunition Reliability

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The first requirement for any ammunition carried for self-defense is that it must be reliable.  Only after you have determined to your complete satisfaction that the ammunition is reliable enough to bet your life on can any other item be considered. An article by Patrick Sweeny in a 2007 issue of Guns & Ammo demonstrates […]

Snub Training – Ammunition

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Nearly every snub owner wants to know what the best possible self-defense ammunition is for his snub.  While it is an important question, determining the correct answer is challenging. Every month one shooting magazine or another reports on a new development in snub related self-defense ammunition.  Consequently, with these ever evolving innovations any advice offered […]

Snub Training – Laser Max

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Laser Max produces two models of J-frame sized laser stocks; the Laser Max H model and the Laser Max NH model.  The H-model will fit any J-frame revolver with an exposed hammer and the NH (No-Hammer) model will fit the hammerless J-frames such as the Centennial.  Each Laser Max laser emitter is fitted to the […]