Snub Training – S&W Combat Magnum

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A six shot, .357-caliber blue steel revolver of medium size or K-frame. It was manufactured by Smith and Wesson and was available with a two and a half inch barrel and adjustable sights. In its day it was considered by some as the “Cadillac of snubs” and was at one time the official side arm […]

Snub Training – Colt Cobra

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One of two Colt Detective Special styled snubs (the other being the Agent) manufactured with an aluminum-alloy frame. The Cobra was a medium sized or D-frame Colt revolver manufactured in .22 and .38 caliber and available in two and three inch barrel lengths. The Colt Cobra was distinct from the Colt Agent in  having a […]

Snub Training – S&W Chief’s Special

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The Chief’s Special is a small sized or J-frame Smith and Wesson revolver manufactured in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths. Copied by many its quality remains a benchmark for every other snub. Models include the Model 36 (blue steel), Model 37 (aluminum-alloy frame), and the Model 60 (stainless steel).

Snub Training – S&W's Centennial

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Often misidentified as hammerless, the Centennial is the designation for the frame-concealing encloses-hammer Smith and Wesson snubs. Introduced in 1952 as the Model 40 and named in honor of the company’s centennial the Centennial features a unique “Quasimodo” style humped back frame and back strap. This frame shape completely encloses and conceals an internal hammer […]

Snub Training – S&W's Bodyguard

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The most common designation for various “humped back” hammer shrouded Smith and Wesson snubs. The hammer shrouded frame was produced to compete with Colt’s factory produced, after-market hammer shroud attachment. The hammer shrouded design permits a small portion of the hammer spur to protrude and allows the shooter to thumb back the hammer to a […]

Snub Training – Colt Agent

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One of two Colt produced Detective Special styled snubs (the other being the Cobra) manufactured with an aluminum-alloy frame. The Agent was a medium sized or D-frame revolver. It was reportedly manufactured in both .22 and .38 caliber and was available in both two and three inch barrel lengths. Though generally not considered as robust […]

Snub Training – A few snubs of note

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There are a wide variety of snub names and models and knowing one model from another is something of an art form onto itself. Over the years brand names and model designations have morphed as various features were changed. To add to the confusion still other manufacturers assigned number prefixes or suffixes tmodel numbers as […]

Snub Training – The snub's disadvantages

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The snub’s advantages are subjective and so too are its disadvantages. Whether one element of the snub’s design is an advantage or a disadvantage depends upon several factors including the shooters skill level, his familiarization with the weapon and the weapon’s expected role to name just three.  Consider the example of the heavy trigger-pull. To […]

Snub Training – The snub's advantages

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Beyond the snub’s basic virtues there are several advantages the snub possesses distinct from other self-defense handguns. The following list reflects only my own experience with the self-defense snub and items on this list may not coincide with your own experiences. The snub’s advantages include: High quality at a low cost, especially when purchased used […]

Snub Training – The snub's virtues

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The snub possesses two virtues over other handguns. It is small enough to carry when and where another gun cannot and it is available in a caliber that most knowledge able shooters would consider a baseline for self defense.  If the snub did nothing beyond this, it would still deserve a place in history as […]