Snub Training – Safety rules

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Reflexively safe firearms handling is a martial skill unto itself.  It speaks volumes about the depth of your competence as a modern self-defense practitioner.  The following safety rules are offered as a guideline, and are a fusion of the work of Jeff Cooper and Andy Stanford: 1. Always handle every firearm with the same care […]

Snub Training – Deadly force limitations

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The great ones include the multimedia works of Massad Ayoob and the texts and lectures of either Massachusetts attorney Andrew Branca or New York attorney Manny Kapelsohn to name only three. These experts conduct regular self-defense and the law programs that are both timely and State specific. Additionally you can check with your states’ NRA […]

Snub Training – Equipment

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Last and least is equipment.  Weapon choices are only important after the issues of mindset, tactics and skills have been thoroughly inculcated. Only when that is accomplished should any attention be paid to the choice of snub or custom features to be applied to the snub. I have my own ideas about the optimum snub […]

Snub Training – Physical conditioning

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Physical condition is the most often deliberately ignored aspect of self-defense shooting preparation. Nationally known trainers Clint Smith and Ralph Mroz have written about the importance of physical conditioning and firearm training. I often ask students if they would be willing to give up 1% of their day for physical training in order to live […]

Snub Training – Skills

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The more skills you posses the more options you have available in a crisis and the better you will look to the court following any action you take.  If your sole self-defense option is a snub revolver you can expect the state’s criminal prosecutor, your attacker’s civil attorney and the local media to portray you […]

Snub Training – Tactics

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1) Swift decisive exit. 2) Wait, then exit. 3) Wait and watch. 4) Swift decisive action. If you are alone your obligation to your family is to leave at once. (Tactic 1: Swift decisive exit.)   If you are with your family maybe your best tactic would be to first send them to safety while you […]

Snub Training – Goal and Strategy

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Goal – The goal is to be safe in a dangerous world. Strategy – To paraphrase John C. Maxwell: “Plans prior to battle are strategies, tactics are actions taken in battle.” My plan is to practice relaxed alertness.  Similar to Col. Jeff Cooper’s color code yellow as well as the “x” and “o” training game […]

Snub Training – Self-defense mindset

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The snub owner without an understanding of the self-defense mindset is like a general anticipating a battle while refusing to establish a battle plan. For the legally armed citizen, mindset is first about everything you can do to safely avoid a violent assault. If that fails then mindset is about everything you need to know to win an […]

Snub Training – Goals and Objective

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I have six goals for this monograph. I hope to: 1 – Introduce some alternative snub-shooting skills and drills. 2 – Offer the snub owner some aid in evaluating his shooting equipment. 3 – Further disseminate and expose Range Effect conditioning. Range Effect is a term coined by nationally known police trainer Ralph Mroz. It denotes […]

Snub Training – Getting started

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I have two pieces of pre-snub training advice.  First, get the best gear available. Test it. Discard what doesn’t work and try again. Order it tailor-made if commercial offerings don’t meet your needs or come up to your standards.  Second and most importantly screw the expense. Nobody in the middle of a gunfight ever thought […]