Dedicated to researching, testing and promoting the best tactics, techniques and after-market tools for the serious self defense snub revolver owner

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All of our courses are designed to improve techniques, current carry gear and self-defense mindset. Every program presents the student with a variety of techniques, after market accessories  and unconventional manual-of-arms.

Students are given an opportunity to evaluate these materials in a controlled but stressful environment in order to determine for themselves what combination of which tools will most likely aid them in a deadly force encounter.

Michael demonstrating technique
"Mr. de Bethencourt has decades of experience with the snub-nose revolvers to share. He offers a lively and informative program and will challenge your thinking on these under-rated little guns."
- Ralph Mroz, Nationally known firearms writer and Training Director for the Police Officers Safety Association.

Scheduling a Course
in Your Area

Let bring our expertise to your gun range or law enforcement organization.

If you're in the Northeast, we're happy to teach any of our courses separately or together. In other areas, we prefer to teach at least two courses.

To find out more about scheduling a course, email Michael de Bethencourt, or call him at 978-667-5591.

Each course is 1 full day, typically 9AM - 5PM with a working lunch.

Course Schedule

Course List:

Secrets of the Concealed Carry Snub

An dedicated, high intensity snub-specific self-defense course for individuals who are already familiar with the basic handgun safety rules.

Program includes snub styles, ammo selection, holster choices, draw strokes, multiple alternative sight pictures and four unconventional manual-of-arms unloading/reloading techniques. There is a heavy emphasis on optimizing snub equipment and developing a successful self-defense mindset

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Advanced Secrets of the Concealed Carry Snub

Our second level snub-specific self-defense course. There is special emphasis on snub-laser-flashlight techniques, one-hand/injured hand snub manipulations and paired (back-up) snub management skills. Program attendance requires successful completion of our Secrets of the Conceal Carry Snub program.

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Essentials of the Defensive Folding Knife

This program in a companion course on essential self-defense skills with the common thumb opening folding knife. The program reviews the limits on deadly force, unconventional knife carry methods, knife grips and self-defense targets.

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